November - a month of ranting.

It's over, November is over.

Moustaches  grown by folk able to grow them grew, and then were summarily hacked off on December 1st, some as early as 12.01am December 1st. (much to the delight of partners and friends of those sporting a growth)

NaNoWriMo went off with a bang, and would be writers hit the keyboards to churn out 50,000 words of a novel before month's end. Some powered through, some (like yours very doggedly) fell over the line in the 11th hour. Expect to see vanity press companies producing tonnes of books shortly... mine will need an edit first.

Okay, mine will need A LOT of editing.

As a result I personally didn't get much ranting done, but was privy to a little education about my Australian ignorance ways in the comment list on the FTW post... and scored the obligatory dyslexia joke....

Through all of this the rant continued, Tamara waded in with parenting  advice while fending off responses to an article from late last month on freelance writing, a situation backed up by Annette regarding the the scourge that is SEO writing.

Tamara also joined  resident nerd ranter Jason , on the issue of television; Tamara on reality shows, Jason on the state of children's television.

Movie ranter extraordinaire Conor  lamented the lack of thought put in to movie scores  AND had a go at television and the mechanics of advertising volume ...

Politics hit the fray again this month  with two political rants appearing  by way of Patrice with what's going wrong at the moderate right end of politics, and new ranter  (and screaming lefty) David hit the page with his views on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Rounding out the month was Brendan on the campaign to slap some sense in to sports stars, Patrice again, this time with the very first Christmas rant, and another new ranter, Ralph, taking a bat to overly friendly bank tellers.

What a month.

And more to come, rants are already in the draft box for this week as we charge happily toward the holiday season.

Rant on, people, rant on.

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Rant on people, rant on.

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