Who cares about what is delivered in your google search? You should.

Yup, the axis of evil...
It's interesting (for me at least) this whole blogging extravaganza.

Thus far Indignant rant has had more than a couple of submissions regarding the horror that is SEO. No don't switch off now, this is important and I promise you that it won't get technical.

I'll get on to the meat of things in a minute, but first I need to add a little something.. please read the next paragraph only for reference sake, I'll warn you when it is about to be repeated so you don't have to suffer it again.

The time magazine person of the year could ultimately end up being the biggest loser, particularly with all the unclaimed money that jazz fest organisers have found. Just ask Paris Jackson! She and Richard Hamilton aren't likely to snag any SAG nominations which is great, as Barbara Walters won't have to compete with Dwight Howard to work out who is going to reveal the winner on Good Morning America. Thankfully I'll just get my results on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

Dammit, was going to work Meteor shower in there as well.

What is the point to all this?

That crap in the paragraph above will likely garner more search engine traffic than any of the carefully crafted posts that have been put forward in the last 2 months on this Blog.

Or at least it will once I finish 'spinning' the paragraph a few more times. You see it's not enough to just mention all of the previous day's trends in one lump, one must repeat the process three to six times to truly maximise the traffic potential.

Still, I hear you yawn "get to the point"!

This is the current state of the internet, and has been for quite a while. Everyone wants to be a website entrepreneur, even if that means that they make cash without actually offering anything.

The deal is that if they write enough articles with trending topics, the law of averages states that some of those folk visiting will click on random links that pay the site owner a couple of shekels for every click.

Mostly these additional ads are for online "free" games that ultimately cost some kind of bank in order for you to be competitive, or something to do with penis enlargement or boob jobs. All things that are based around vanity and plasticine, or a horrid waste of time, or indeed a combination of all those things.

Hang on, need to spin that article , I'll put it in italics so you know what part to skip.

All of the results for the SAG nominations happened so fast, it was like a meteor shower on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus, I was using it to stream Good Morning America. Paris Jackson and Richard Hamilton teamed up at Jazz fest with Barbara Walters and Dwight Howard, with the later pair coming out the biggest loser. Photos of the four having a blast at Jazz fest might end up on Time Magazines person of the year special, unpaid there will no doubt be pile of unclaimed money to hand over to charity.



The above (don't read it just take my word for it) is an example of spinning, a technique that allows all of those words to be used again but ordered differently so that the google engine doesn't smell a rat and ditch the site for simply repeating it's content over and over.

"THE POINT!" I hear you scream.

Here it is...

The stuff that people search for is so buried in these mindless, and only barely coherent posts that one has to contest the aspect of CONTENT over commercial value of the words in the content.

I guess I am only going over old ground , but since when has that ever stopped me?

The thing that I am banging on about here is that the writers who take the time to contribute to the Indignant Rant project care about what they write, and submit their work in the hope that someone finds their prose entertaining and/or thought provoking.

We have made a pact to avoid anything that involves pandering to the junk-food posting that fills our information space, as a result our visit stats per page are modest at best...

...because we write, and rely on others to promote the things we post and agree or more importantly disagree, we are truly at the whim of our audience.

How is that any different to any other media?

We are doing it honestly, with no subterfuge. We rely on our content to drive our audience to get behind us rather than the shotgun approach of keyword generated traffic hops that lie about the content in the hope that they will be forgiven, and then forgotten.

Yes we might be cutting of our noses to spite our face, we are all aware of that.

But someone has to make a noise in the swamping tide of junk writing paid for by large sites. Sites that are paying folk at rate levels that would appall human rights activists if said automatons were made to make knock off hand bags instead of knock off writing.

Personally I  am much concerned that no one seems to care that media has become so poisonous, the internet environs so littered that it has become the norm, and somewhat expected.

We the writers of Indignant Rant implore you to seek out quality sites and support them, and actively avoid sites that lure you with information bait, then switch the fresh looking wobblyness for a stinking fetid pile of junk.

You will need to take your snout out of the mainstream trough for a moment, and look for the door to the green and open pastures... but you'll be rewarded, if not here at Indignant Rant, then by other sites and sounds.

Now, for the final act: I have to spin that fucking article again. Extra point this time for including the idiocy that is the Kardashians... additional for adding links.... (think I just threw up a little bit)

*Who cares if Dwight Howard and Barbara Walters ended up in a compromising Kardashian esque photo scandal, it certainly wouldn't affect their positions in the race for Time magazines person of the year. I'm just not sure how we are going to get them out of the lobby at the SAG nomination thing. Particularly with Richard Hamilton and Paris Jackson holding up the limo line. If they'd spend more time NOT staring at their Verizon galaxy nexus perhaps they'd see the car door open and waiting for them. The winner of the biggest loser though, late for Jazz fest just gave up and ran instead. Turns out he had prepaid for the limo too, but has left the money unclaimed. And something about a meteor shower.

*all items in the example paragraphs came from trending google topics for 14/12/2011. This post is not a trend change for Indignant Rant, merely an example of how the system works - will update comment feed with hit rates.

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