Happy whatever-blows-your-hair-back time...

And so another Christmas period looms, and with it I guess will be the usual indulgences involved in catching up with friends.

It has been an interesting last quarter for those who choose to step up and rant, and unfortunately more interesting for Christopher Hitchens, who died a couple of days ago.


Who cares about what is delivered in your google search? You should.

Yup, the axis of evil...
It's interesting (for me at least) this whole blogging extravaganza.

Thus far Indignant rant has had more than a couple of submissions regarding the horror that is SEO. No don't switch off now, this is important and I promise you that it won't get technical.


Hallelujah? Are we sure that's what Mr Cohen meant?

Yes, I know this is from Messiah..
..don't write in. *shakes fist at music nerds*

Hallelujah, Hallelujah... Halle-freaking-luuuuujah.

I hate when the modern world ruins a classic.

Indiana Jones comes to mind.

But the main frustration of an old classic comes in the form of the sombre lament of Leonard Cohen, Hallelujah.

“Leonard Cohen? You mean that Shrek song?”


The Coming Apocalypse is Your Fault.

I'd do a salmon mousse joke, but this guy
might sue for copyright infringement...
Instilled in every single human being on this great and wondrous planet is the Divine Spark of Creativity. This is our Creator-given gift that allows us to build and create not only what we need for our physical survival: tools, houses, and clothing. But also gives us the power to create the things we need to enrich our souls: music, cinema, books, porn, television, and videos of cats on YouTube.


November - a month of ranting.

It's over, November is over.

Moustaches  grown by folk able to grow them grew, and then were summarily hacked off on December 1st, some as early as 12.01am December 1st. (much to the delight of partners and friends of those sporting a growth)

NaNoWriMo went off with a bang, and would be writers hit the keyboards to churn out 50,000 words of a novel before month's end. Some powered through, some (like yours very doggedly) fell over the line in the 11th hour. Expect to see vanity press companies producing tonnes of books shortly... mine will need an edit first.


5 TV shows that will suck the intelligence out of you leaving you dumb and lifeless.

Life, reflected?

I’m getting really sick of all the bullshit on television these days.  Whatever happened to the brilliant writing of the past?  The humor? The suspense? The drama? The creativity of a show evolving over time? 

Hyper Smash