So, you think you can rant?

Why? Why not.

Indignant rant celebrates the ranter, both modern and historic.

Rants will be actively hunted down to be added and discussed, so why shouldn't yours be one of them?

Ranting by it's very nature doesn't necessarily need to resolve issues or cause world peace.

The only condition is that they are articulate. That doesn't mean 'wordy', it just means well put together.

All featured ranters can obviously link their blog (if they have one) to the post here on Indignant Rant.

No, there isn't much here at the moment. But that's going to change, and a blog - even a ranty one, needs to start somewhere.

There's been submissions (via a separate twitter account), and while I have no issue with profanity, context and reservation of use is appreciated.

For example:
  • Are you fucking kidding me? - Acceptable
  • Fuck you you fucking fuck! - Not acceptable, unless demonstrating the inability of a third party to articulate a sentence without swearing.

There will soon be a category called the 500 club, which will consist of rants in 500 words or less.
Of course twitter has already cornered the market in rants of 140 characters or less, and they'll be posted too, either picked out  doing random rant searches OR will with a #irant or #indignantrant tag.

That about rounds it out.

This site is brand new, more to be added in the next couple of weeks, but get to it, and rant away.

Good luck.

All submissions to be addressed to indignantrant at  in whatever format floats the authors boat, or simply rant away in an email, whatever - just go for it.

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