Shopping trolleys: They have a home to go to.

A sad and frustrating sight.
The exiled trolley.
Esteemed Ranting Associate Tamara Hancock promised a friend that she would rant a little about the improper abandonment of shopping carts in parking lots.

Her message to those who can't be bothered to do the right thing?

Here’s a little tip to all the inconsiderate jerks that ruin other people’s day: those little steel corrals in the parking lots were installed there so you can park your cart there when you’re done with it. The store owners know you are too damn lazy to walk the cart back up to the store… so they have invested in these cart holders to accommodate your sorry ass and to avoid the issues of carts rolling around in parking lots damaging vehicles or occupying vacant spaces. Bottom line: be a doll and put your shit away when you’re done with it.

I tend to agree with Hancock, and as the concept seems to get my left eye twitching (a good indication that it is time to existenstialise rather than bury it in the pit of my meek and mild exterior) I figured I'd add a little.

Parking lots seem to be a vortex, a blackened space where it appears that social norms and practicalities are ignored. 

I don't think it started out that way. 

In fact I remember a time when not putting a shopping trolley back to where it could be easily collected by the supermarket's trolley guy was considered one of the greatest breaches of shopping etiquette.

But now it seems that the arduous nature of wheeling an empty cart along dead flat pavement for a marathon 50 feet seems beyond most, and is looked upon as a task requiring Herculean effort.

That's the flowery-pleasant, diplomatic (if somewhat sarcastic) version of:

People have be come completely ignorant of those around them, are lazy, and/or have become to feel so fucking entitled that the idea of doing such a menial task is completely beneath them, and that their time would be far better utilised by viewing and then voting for their favourite American Idol contestant.

How hard is it?

What is the real argument against the practice of cleaning up after oneself?

Lazy people:
"oooo, but it's too far, and the corral is all the way over there" *waves hand limply in the direction of said corral and intimates that the ensuing 30 seconds of trolley pushing would require a drink station and a free massage at the end*

You make me sick - For you: less cookie dough on the way home in the car, with a side order of harden-the-fuck-up. Stat.

"OOOooooo but I have kids with me and therefore I am exempt from such taxing work  for I am a parent, and I get all kinds of free passes, this is one of them" *Looks smug and feels that their position is unassailable* 

Here's a thought, get your kid to do it if they are old enough. Teach them the respect that you seem to decline from offering your carparking neighbours. 

And don't start with the whole "I can't leave my child alone" bollocks if indeed they are to young to navigate a trolley to its rightful home. Put the kids in the car and take the trolley back. It might take 30 seconds of your time, and you can look over your shoulder every 5 seconds to make sure that hordes of "bad-people" aren't rushing toward the car in a manner that is akin to sea-gulls descending on a hot chip. 

If your reply is "I don't trust my children. I can't leave my kids in the car, they will do something to it, like destroy something, or stuff" then my observation is that that one statement speaks more about your parenting skills in general rather than your ineptitude at trolley re-homing. 

Sort you kids out.  

Ignorant, entitled folk:
"OOOOooooooooooo it is beneath me to perform such manual tasks, one of the little trolley boys will do it. It's what they are paid to do after all." *clutches at faux Luis Vuitton wallet they bought from a guy in an alley...*

You pushed the thing out to your car didn't you?

If you WERE entitled. If you WERE much much better than those around you, then what in the seven hells are you doing slumming it in a supermarket carpark?

If you really were that well off you would have a personal shopper, and have the stuff delivered to your door. Relying on on some hard working minimum-wage dude to return your trolley does not mean you have legitimised their existence. They are not part of your personal retinue. Embrace the plight of the worker and clean up your own mess.

You are not entitled. You are a wanker.

Think that about rounds it out.

For more carpark ranting check out the earlier post on "Parents with prams".

This has been Indignant Rant's first combined post. 

Those responsible?

Tamara Hancock is a freelance writer from Texas who dreams of hitting it big some day. But for now, she just pimps others out for money. Also, she complains. A lot. You will find her ranting away at 


Andrew Webber is an Australian author living in the Middle East, his first book "Erasure" was released in June 2012 to critical acclaim. Available in Kindle and paperback on


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