Cinema managers, your problems are solved.

Turn it off. Just turn the
f**king thing off.
Seems that it is a hard tide to fight against when it comes to reasonable behaviour in a cinema.


Parents with prams parking. You might be doing it wrong.

That's right. No small kid. No Park.
Not hard to understand.

I remember after the birth of my first child how joyed I was to discover the existence of "Parents with Prams" parking spaces at major shopping centres and selected supermarkets.


Kimosabe, Uncle Walt Says Stop

Enough already, I'm too old for this.
A news item about Disney Studios stopping production of the latest Lone Ranger movie. The reason for halting production was the budget. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer was able to reduce the budget from $250 to $232 million, but Disney wanted the budget down to $200 million.

There must be a reason, and my suggestion is this: The Lone Ranger  was shelved because Cowboys and Aliens did poorly at the box office.


Apparently I hate babies.

We are SOOOO happy, need gadgets.
Last weekend I was accused of not liking babies.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I can't possibly dislike babies, I used to be one after all.

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