Kimosabe, Uncle Walt Says Stop

Enough already, I'm too old for this.
A news item about Disney Studios stopping production of the latest Lone Ranger movie. The reason for halting production was the budget. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer was able to reduce the budget from $250 to $232 million, but Disney wanted the budget down to $200 million.

There must be a reason, and my suggestion is this: The Lone Ranger  was shelved because Cowboys and Aliens did poorly at the box office.

It doesn't seem to matter that the film was in pre-production, meaning that while no film was shot, significant cash had already been spent on the project. Costs including Johnny Depp's contracted fee, to be paid in full even though he didn't actually have the chance to step into shot as the Lone Ranger's side kick, Tonto.

No mention on Armie Hammer's fee (the guy set to play the Lone Ranger), we can only hope that his agent had the foresight to argue a full fee clause into the contract. Although given the difference in Hollywood clout between Armie and Johnny, I suspect that that conversation might have been reduced to something like:

"Why doesn't my client have the same payment clause as Mr Depp?"
"Because he's not Johnny Depp"
"Anything else?"
"No, that just about rounds it out, can you validate my parking please?"

No word on what Director Gore Verbinski thinks about all of this either.

So, what is to be made of all this?

Is it that there is actually some intelligent life in Hollywood?

How many Lone Ranger radio shows, movies, shorts, television shows and cartoons were made and has someone had a moment of free and lucid thought as to whether it is really necessary to make yet another one?

I put that enough has been done with the story, and not even actors like Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp can really add anything new to it.

This trend of remakes, reboots and redos has gotten very, very old, very, very fast. The Lone Ranger belongs to another time when, simplistic stories of the “Old West” were the norm.

That’s not to say that a film based on the “Old West” can’t be made.

Just be original about it.

If you are thinking that I wanted Cowboys and Aliens to do better at the box office, you are right. After all, what was to stop aliens from visiting Earth in the 1800’s? So, it is not so far fetched that the cowboys would come in contact with them.

I end this not by pleading with the Hollywood powers that be to be more original but that the moviegoing public not to be so quick to see a remake, reboot or redo movie.

Instead movie-goers should seek out something original for a change. Look for independent movies, and in the process create new trends. It's time that the Hollywood juggernaut thought about the movies that they make, and responded to what the public actually follow. Rather than serve us up the same old thing in a pretty new package.

As for all the Lone Ranger fans out there, if you folks are so hungry for some “Hi-ho, Silver!” stuff, then put some Lone Ranger films in your Netflix queue or go to your local library and borrow a few Lone Ranger DVD’s.

You’ll be able to enjoy those films with the original actors and there won’t be another remake, reboot or redo movie cluttering the film landscape.

Ilena Di Toro lives on the east coast of the USA. She likes movies, sells movie posters at & blogs about pop culture as it relates to movie industry at

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