Happy whatever-blows-your-hair-back time...

And so another Christmas period looms, and with it I guess will be the usual indulgences involved in catching up with friends.

It has been an interesting last quarter for those who choose to step up and rant, and unfortunately more interesting for Christopher Hitchens, who died a couple of days ago.

A ranter par excellence was Mr Hitchens, and I am sorry to say that up until his death I knew very little of him. Something that will be rectified over the ensuing break. My kindle is now heavy with his book Hitch 22.

While I can't promise that there will be NO ranting before the new year, I'm also not particularly interested in telling you there definitely will be either... but by make sure that you are a member of the facebook page or are following the Rant on twitter (or both) and you might be surprised with a couple of unexpected tid-bits from abroad.

That all remains to be seen.

Rants that are in the pipeline; which is code for in my head, and something I can only vouch for personally as I am not privy to the rants incubating in the heads of the other Rant contributors.

The pipeline -I absolutely concur with Conor's rant on music remakes regarding meaning vs originality overridden by the easily consumed and salable. And totally support the argument that Hallelujah has been milked to death - BUT...

...What I'm personally crusading for is for the regular public to listen to lyrics of songs before applying them to festive themes at parties or your-tube or whatever.

If I hear "Arms of the angels" played at a funeral one more time simply because it's pretty - well - I might go postal.

But that is for another time.

For now, please enjoy the end of the year, and whatever that means to you. If you feel like getting your rant on, please feel free (simply go look at the "so you think you can rant" tab above).

Rant on people - see you in 2012. (wow.. did that roll around quickly - only seems like yesterday Y2K was going to ruin the world)

For those interested here's a link to one of the last interviews Hitchens did - an amazing thinker, and a great loss.

Andrew Webber is an Australian author living in the Middle East, his first book "Erasure" was released in June 2012 to critical acclaim. Available in Kindle and paperback on

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