Occupy wall street - You are the 99 percent, probably..

Must be protesters, no Goretex in those tents...
 and how to they get by without carbon fiber
wrapped, kevlar tent poles? Poor bastards.

This rant is directed at the people who are against the Occupy Wall Street Movement (OWSM). 

Not sure of where you fit in the scheme of things?

Well let me clarify:  If you are not the 1%, then YOU  are one of the 99%. 

Do YOU make $22 MILLION a year? No? 99% for you then.

OR... Are you one of the corporate military-industrial-complex psychopaths who make TRILLIONS off of war, murder, and death? No? Well it mightn't be to your taste, but if you've found yourself so morally corrupt that you are considering a new business venture the “Merchants of Death” are in the business of killing-for-a-profit, and business is good.

Really good.

The pacified zombies like to say that capitalism creates jobs; wrong, kemosabe!

The primary motive of a corporate-monopoly-capitalist is to make a profit…period! If that means outsourcing your jobs to China, where the minimum wage is 10 cents an hour, rather than here in the U.S., where the minimum wage is $7.25/hr., then that is what a good corporate-whore will do, and have done.

The predatory capitalist is fully aware they are murdering the poor, defenseless, peasants of the world: and unless the poor peasant folk wake up, the murder will continue. Literally millions have been slaughtered in world wars over the decades. The CIA, an extension of the ‘corporatocracy’, trained the Latin American death-squads. 

It's time to get real, people. A dictator does not have to wear a military uniform with a lot of medals on it, they also wear three-piece suits; you don't think Hugo Boss made their early money from selling suits to bankers did you?
The people complaining about those horrible OWS folks are:
  • Themselves in debt to a financial banking-cartel that uses a phony money system (a.k.a., the Federal Reserve) 
  • Drive gas-guzzling SUV’s  that they don’t even own (making payments to the bankster-gangsters, are we?)
  • Live in stick-houses poorly assembled with cheap materials (I know, used to work in the construction industry) that they THINK they own (just stop making your mortgage payments or your taxes, and you will soon discover who really owns your house!)
  • Work at low-paying, meaningless jobs, that usually are not full-time
  • Sit at home in front of their big-screen TV’s , getting hypnotized, mesmerized, and demonized
  • Shop for food that has been produced by a corporate-industrial farm, full of insecticides, herbicides, organophosphates, and GMO’s
  • Go to minimum-security-government-indoctrination-detention-facilities, a.k.a., “public schools”; and are just generally plastic-phony-people, the poor zombified fools!

The system is broke and there is no fixing it, no voting for political leaders to repair it.

It must be replaced.

The old “Left versus Right” paradigm is dead. Have you ever stopped to think that the “wings” of a bird belong to the same creature? It is ‘Corporate Party A’ against ‘Corporate Party B’ and they are ALL political prostitutes and pimps on the Potomac, bought and paid for!

This is part of what the 99 per cent are in the streets protesting; the financial oligarchs are economically raping the country in the biggest bank heist in history, and too many are sitting hypnotized in front of the ‘one-eyed devil’, thinking everything is still ok, and it will all work out.

What it is going to work out as, unless you get off your fat-ass and DO something, is that we will be nothing more than a 3rd world police-surveillance-control-grid-slave-state before long.

 All the electronic controls are going in now, so that a remote-control system is finally in place. If that happens, and people are finally forced to wake up and look around them, and I mean really look -  the elitist aristocracy will be sitting in their armored compounds, the “gated communities”, while the peasants starve, all the while protected by a brainwashed police and military.

Welcome, one and all to the New World Order DYS-topia!

David Hewitt; freelance contractor living in beautiful Boise, Idaho. B.A. Psychology, world-traveler and has lived in such far flung places as Copenhagen, Rome, London, Angola, Spain. Traveled extensively throughout Europe. Interests: politics, the paranormal, End Times, and more. find his blog at

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