Cleaning up after the Party

I was wrong. 

I thought the party that started when the returns were broadcast from the last election would carry us right through 2012.

Now I realize it’s time to call the Tipsy Taxi, send the celebrators home and get to work getting the stink out of the joint. We can start with the Republican National Committee (RNC) who I hold responsible for turning this victory celebration into a drunken brawl.

The Grand Old Party has turned into anything but.  I can only point my finger at whoever was in charge of the guest list.

Palin never showed up to the campaign, even though she RSVP’d that she might While Bachmann was a bit too early. Pundits compared the two saying one was stupid and the other one was crazy. Both went out of their way to try to prove that she wasn’t the ‘crazy’ one. 

They both succeeded…..to a point.

Ron Paul continued to be Ron Paul. Even when he was successful he was the guy in the corner that no one paid attention to.

We waited for Perry to enter the race and when he did, he quickly let us down. Then he tried to reinvent himself. Nice…….another Christian Texan, and all that money spent trying to convince people he was neither drunk nor high in a very recent speech.

Herman Cain. I have no words. Are you friggin kidding me???? Where are these poll numbers coming from? Have we become so arrogant that we think we can throw our support behind anyone, absolutely any-freakin-one and expect credibility? Herman Cain is no Clarence Thomas.

I can’t even remember the names of most of the rest of them. The names I can think of aren’t even worth the time to list.

That leaves Romney. Ya know, we had them. We could point at the liberals and distract them just by saying that the guy that they elected to occupy the White House wasn’t a Christian. That button could be pushed at anytime and we could just go ahead on auto pilot with our own messages as they huffed and puffed to point to his values. 

But, we shot ourselves in the foot with that one by convincing the least intelligent amongst us, the ones who actually go out and vote even when the weather is bad, that Mormons aren’t Christians.

We were on a roll. 

We were HOT! 

Then we let the fires of our success burn down our own platform. It started with the red state governors trying to get it all and make names for themselves. First in Wisconsin and now in Ohio, the grab it all while you have the chance policy has backfired and no one has recognized it.

You know how we point to drag queens as the symbol of gays? Guys like Walker and Kasich are now becoming symbols for us, and we are not happy.

And there it is. The White House is lost to us. The states governments will soon be. But those aren’t the only offices that will be on the ballot. We can still hope to have a voice after we win the House again, and work toward winning the Senate. 

We have proved an important fact that should give us success. The Grand Old Party can be counted on to make sure that nothing gets done.

Patrice Campbell is a freelance writer and self described crone from Denver, CO. She takes advantage of her advanced years by offering unsolicited advice and opinions to those who still socialize with her. When her calls are sent directly to voice mail and never returned, she vents on http://www.grandmabuttsinn.blogspot.com/, Facebook and Twitter.

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