Are YOU "Taking back Christmas"?

Happy Holidays!
(it's the sentiment that matters)
It's time for the "Merry Christmas" vs "Happy Holidays" fight to come back into focus. The cry of "I'm taking Christmas back" rings louder that the bell of the Salvation Army Santa and brings a bigger response.

Who has taken your Christmas celebration away from you and how did mere words accomplish it?

It’s hard to imagine the kind of life where a wish of happiness gets under a persons skin, but it seems like the country is full of people with little else to worry about than their shallow grasp on their faith. If beliefs were deeply entrenched, I don’t see a possibility that their intensely rooted religion, values and celebrations could be so easily taken away.

Who are these villains who are so powerful that they took away your Christmas making you sense that you have to rally support to take it back? Exactly what has vanished and how was the heist accomplished?

Are you one of those types of persons who are so thin skinned that you can uncover a basis to take offense at just about anything?

If so, I suggest a rich moisturizer to help protect the drying effect that winter heating can cause, making areas of the skin thinner. While you’re at it, try a moisturizing shampoo so you can try to shield your closed mind by toughening your scalp.

Maybe it isn’t your skin but another health issue that makes you so anal. It’s easy to rush meal time during the hectic holiday season, and you may not be getting enough fiber. Possibly, you really are full of shite. Try a laxative or stool softener to get the toxins out of your system. If that doesn’t work, take your attitude and a suppository and follow the insertion directions on the package of the latter.

If the above don’t seem to be of assistance to ease your apparent intolerance of desires that you have a Happy Holiday, talk to your clergy person. Seek help because you possibly are going through a crisis of faith. Explore the likelihood that you require guidance in asking your higher power for the strength to believe in and follow the teachings of your church so that no one can pilfer your religion from you.

In the meantime, just get over yourself.

Realize that the majority of people that you run into during late November and the month of December will be celebrating some type of holiday during the coming weeks. It could be Boxing Day or First Footing as well as New Year’s or a religious holiday.

If you get offended if they wish you “Happy Holidays” as a way to share their own happiness, just struggle to ignore it rather than seizing another opportunity to thrust your own beliefs down their throats.

Whether it’s your celebration or mine, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Holiday. Feel free to reciprocate or respond in the comment section below.

Patrice Campbell is a freelance writer and self described crone from Denver, CO. She takes advantage of her advanced years by offering unsolicited advice and opinions to those who still socialize with her. When her calls are sent directly to voice mail and never returned, she vents on, Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. well, just come upon your rant. Agree wholeheartedly. Happy Christmas, Happy Holidays! What does it matter as long as the sentiment is the same. Sadly, there are people out there who are just so dogmatic. Their way is the only way. Somehow they take something away from all of us and they don't even know it!


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