People are lazy.

Oh they WISHED they looked
this good
Someone had to say it.

I am a Dietician, and manage a gym day to day, and it is my opinion that when it comes down to it, people just don't care about themselves, have no drive, and choose to be sloths.

As my job suggests, I see clients AND  have to deal with staff  on a daily basis, most of whom need a kick up the butt once and a while.

Sometimes more than once. 

Sometimes so many times that I incorporate it into my daily workout.

Without turning this rant into a health education session, just to point out a simple thing; eating breakfast every day is important.
I know. Rocket science isn't it?

Why is it that such a simple thing has to become an ongoing battle. Just get up 5 minutes earlier than you usually do and eat something. No hassle, no issues, no "but I just don't have time"... Just get the hell out of bed and put something in your mouth.

I see overweight people all the time, all of them nod when I tell them how important it is to eat breakfast and how it helps boost their metabolism. They then say "I can try to do that"

Try? Just freakin do it! 

They come to me for advice, telling me how much they have to loose weight, I ask them to do one thing and they look back at me and say that they'll "try"?

I can't do the work for them, and I don't have a magic wand I can wave... if I had a cure for lazy I'd offer it.

I hear it all the time - too tired/no time/busy/kids  - Excuses, nothing more.

Every day personal trainers get up early  and have breakfast (so do trades-people, and a heap of other people with physical jobs). They have to, they wouldn't  get through the day without breakfast. So how does someone get up later then NOT eat? 

Got kids? Eat breakfast with them.

No time for that? 5 to 10 minutes earlier out of bed. 

Not hungry? Don't eat so much the night before.

Really, Is it all that hard?

It's plain old laziness that stops people getting up, getting their morning stuff done (including breakfast) and getting to work on time.

The thing is that this goes on every day, and people don't seem to care.

Living in this apathetic society is frustrating.  I just don’t get how people get to the point of just not caring? Surely at some point you would have to think to yourself "You know what? Fuck it. I'm going to do something about this."

 I'm not going to get in to the underlying issues involved, about how being lazy affects all areas of your life.

What I am saying is that if you think you are being lazy with your health, realise it and get some help.

Life’s too short to live like a complacent sloth. There are a lot of health practitioners, career coaches, personal trainers who’d be happy to help.

So pry yourself off the couch and get a life, just don't try to make it my fault if you don't.

Gabrielle Maston     B AppSc(EXSS) and Bsc (Nutr)(Honours in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics)

A positive and fun loving girl who is usually encouraging and inspirational, until she cracks it!  When she is not blogging, she is at the gym or doing something majorly adventurous in the great outdoors. You can keep up with Gabrielle’s adventures and nutritional analysis through her blog. It’s everything health and fitness with a little bit of sex appeal.

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