The lost art of writing.

Yup... just blue skies and piers for
us freelancers. In opposite land.
In case you have been living under a rock and haven’t noticed, website content and “search engine optimization” are a couple of the hottest marketing tactics being used to promote businesses/brands these days. And, in case you don’t know what the heck that means – basically, it’s the use of online writing to get noticed.

You would think that this is good news for all freelance writers out there. Right?


Good writers are underappreciated. Although I can’t speak for all languages, I do know first-hand that native-English writers who live in somewhat modern countries are getting raped and pillaged for their handiwork. Not only are they competing with computer automated writing applications and article spinning software, but they’re also competing with people in poverty-stricken countries who will “write” in chopped-up, half-assed English for less than $1/hour.

However, these wanna-be writers are not entirely to blame for my stiff freelance writing competition.

Most of the blame can be placed on the employers. They are gaming the system and we’re letting them! They will pay some poor schmuck in a third-world country (who, I’m honestly SHOCKED even owns a computer) next to nothing to write an article that can barely be read and understood – all for the sake of using keywords to increase their ranking on search engines.

Basically, what I’m saying here is that I’d like the cheap labor (AKA: competition) to disappear so that I can feed my bad habits (and children) without having to beg for change on a street corner.

Good writing takes talent, people.

The other sad thing about our online civilization today is that people don’t appreciate good writing anymore. They’ll take the chopped-up, misspelled crap printed on the internet and just look the other way.

"Why?" You ask?
Because most of them DON’T READ IT.
  • a) the shit doesn’t make sense so they say ‘screw it’ and search again or 
  • b) they’re just looking for porn or funny videos. Most people who LIKE to read are writers themselves. 
Those from category 'b' are the cool people. Those are the ones I want to be associated with – not all the dumbasses who never made it past the picture-books in preschool.

I would say this entire matter leaves me speechless – but obviously, it does not; hence, the rant.

I am a freelance writer with a bad attitude (and a perpetually full wine glass). I, for one, will NOT succumb to the raping. (Present website not included!) I will be paid what I feel that I am worth (sometimes in cash, sometimes in trade – as I’m not averse to being paid in booze and/or compliments and credits).

And I will stab dumbasses with my words any chance I get.

Tamara Hancock is a freelance writer from Texas who dreams of hitting it big some day. But for now, she just pimps others out for money. Also, she complains. A lot. You will find her ranting away at


  1. Hahahaha!!!!! Bitter much?

    And that is a response from 'some poor schmuck in a third-world country' who is stealing your 'work'.

    From what I have read above, you are no competition for this 'poor schmuck' who is still using an old fashion typewriter.

  2. With an excellent piece on SEO coming up on Thursday - this could get very interesting...

  3. Tamara Hancock seems to be passed up for some typewriter-clacking Third-World schmuck because no matter how developed her country is, she obviously belongs to the lower classes. She sounds ill-willed, ill-mannered, and ill-educated.

  4. There is absolutely NOTHING I love more than haters. :)

    And with this fuel... I will rant on! Peace out.

  5. ...shitting on your own lawn by the sound of it... :(


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