Coffee. Just give me my damn, oh, wait a minute...

Neeed coffee; give it to me.
With the every event throughout the day conspiring to 'get' me it was with some relief that I got in my car and quickly hit the highway before anyone else could try and grab a piece of my time.

I was leaving the Australian sunshine state's capital, Brisbane, and headed southbound on the road to Surfers Paradise where I had been booked to speak at a client conference at the Sheraton Mirage the following morning.

Half way between the two cities I was reminded by a sign directing me toward a drive through coffee place that I had partaken in next to no sustenance throughout the day... I took the exit and sat in line waiting for the cars in front of me to get what they needed.

When it was my turn I rolled forward and glancing at the coffee-guy in the early evening darkness and ordered a "Very large, very strong black coffee please."

The attendant just looked at me.

I asked again, although shortened the request in case I was being unnecessarily wordy to:
"Strong, long black"

Again I received a strange look from the teenage guy.

After the hell day my thinning patience was close to breaking point, so I resorted to shouting:


I couldn't make it any simpler.

At this point he leaned toward me...

...and tapped on my still closed window.

I got my coffee, and doubled its price as a tip before skulking back out on to the highway.

Ric Wilmot
When not ranting Ric travels Australia, Asia, the United States and parts of Europe as the go-to person for CEOs, senior executives and professional service people practising in law, accounting, financial services, consulting, recruitment, business coaching and alike.

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