Give so that a CEO doesn't starve...

...and huge salary/car/pension
allowance/school fees...
Ever wondered what is happening to the billions of dollars that philanthropists are pumping into third world countries?

I have an idea what is happening to the funds.

No, scrap that...

I know what is happening to most of the funds that philanthropists are giving to eradicate poverty and develop grassroots rural communities in 3rd world countries - About 70% of those funds get stuck in the pockets, bank accounts and property of the oh-so-noble human rights organizations and the employees who are supposed to be doing it in the name of being noble.

Before you get all huffy in your comfortable first-world lounge chairs, just don’t. (I’d hate for you to spill your fair trade coffee from your Chinese pottery-sweatshop mug) because I am a product of a third world country.

AND I used to work in the noblest-of-them-all field; The oh-so-noble field of non-profits.

THAT’S why I can make the statement above – I have seen it first hand.

Yes, I know. Some organisations are really trying hard to make a difference, fight the good fight and all of that.  I worked for a couple of them, really nobles ones.

I have also worked for an anything but noble one.

My stint at that specific organization caused my thinking to graduate from “3rd World Human Rights Are So Noble and Honest” to “Oh, You Are So Ignorant and Naive!” and if I have learnt one thing it's this: The funding channeled through some of the noble non-profits and NGOs barely reaches their intended beneficiaries.

Where are the funds going really? I’ll tell you. Just remember to say a prayer for me, because I know that I am going to lose popularity points with the noble crowd, and they are a nasty bunch.  I certainly would need your prayers!

  1. Lining the bank accounts and pockets of directors, managements and employees In the form of salaries.
    They are stealing from the poor in a legal manner. The majority of non-profits and NGOs in 3rd world countries are offering just the best salary packages; they sometimes even pay better than government and private companies. Now, what did you think? You can’t expect poor people to serve poor people? 

  2. Property and Equipment
    Only the best vehicles and best equipment are good enough to help the non-profit employees to fight poverty. Poverty is an evil beast and needs a very wealthy hero to defeat it. That is why the employees can’t do anything for the people in the rural communities if they don’t have laptops, unlimited internet access and expensive vehicles.

  3. Per Diems and Traveling Allowance
    Also known as the non-profit employees’ form of a second income.
    Even though these organizations are employing people to work in the rural communities, they are paying them extras, in the form of per diem and traveling allowances, to perform their duties in the rural areas, and not from the comfort of their city offices. So, to get them out their offices, they receive allowances to cover accommodation, food and ‘other incidentals’.

    What other incidentals?

    Oh, just about anything else that can make their stay in the rural areas just a little more comfortable, like phone calls and laundry services. These allowances are being paid in addition to the monthly salaries.

    That is why, my dear generous friends, the poor in third world countries will stay poor. Your well intended generous donations are simply not reaching them.

    There ARE ways to help, and I suggest that rather than simply handing over your hard won cash to the nearest collection agency, then wiping your hands because you’ve dirtied them in the toil of your charity work, please -  just take a little time to research where you money is going, and how it will be applied.

    Charity is great. Working for a charity is great. Employing people so expensive that they actually BECOME the charity beneficiaries is not great, and it is happening right now.

    Sonia is a freelance writer, between ranting about Third World Charity Rorts and being snowed under by commercial work Sonia peppers her own blog with her musings at  Splintered Life

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